A lifelong learner and certified professional coach, Bernadette creates energetic partnerships with health care practitioners and administrators, entrepreneurs, management teams and small business groups to achieve their dreams, work synergistically, and enjoy life's journey.  Drawing on more than 25 years of experience in health care services and small business management, she provides executive and career coaching, as well as leadership development programs for health care organizations and small businesses.

Bernadette's professional work experiences began with technical and supervisory responsibilities in the hospital laboratory field and evolved, by planned design and openness to unique opportunities, to administrative positions in hospital planning and business development. Entrepreneurial opportunities with small health care business ventures broadened her professional outlook. She holds a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems, an MBA, and a BS in Medical Technology.  She is an accredited coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), a Certified GetFive Career Coach and a Certified Physician Development Coach through the Physician Coaching Institute, an advanced training program for coaches providing services to the medical profession.  Bernadette is also a founding partner of the John Maxwell Team of Certified Coaches, Speakers and Trainers, from which she draws some of the Bluehill Coaching Group leadership development content.  She is also a Certified DISC Practitioner and a Certified DISC Workshop Leader.

Bernadette is a past president of the Association of Healthcare Executives of New Jersey, and a current member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and the International Coach Federation.  She lives in central New Jersey and works with clients throughout the US by telephone or Zoom.  In person coaching is available in Cranbury, NJ offices or on-site at organizational clients' locations.  She can be reached at or by calling (732) 940-6339.



Pathfinding for purpose-driven individuals and health care organizations.....

Bernadette Norz, PhD*, MBA, ACC

Executive, Leadership, Career & Physician Development Coach

*PhD in Human and Organizational Systems